Facebook....the first thing many of us do when we get up in the morning. We need to update our status, and of course see if any one has left us comments on our status from the night before! All of us, whether we are an introvert or extrovert, have this God given desire to communicate with one another. We want to feel loved and accepted, and Facebook is just the place to make that happen.

The problem is that in the few short minutes here and there that we have during our day we would rather jump on Facebook than communicate with our heavenly Father. I am the first to admit that when my little girl goes down for a nap or is playing quietly in her room (which is very rare), I quickly run to my laptop to see what's happening in the lives of all of my friends on Facebook. I am sure that this breaks God's heart! I have realized that I am putting the internet before my relationship with Jesus! It's easy to do, but definitely not worth it!

This morning instead of logging into my Facebook account I opened my Bible and asked the Lord what he wanted to speak to me today. It's amazing the things that God wants to say to us if we would just take the time to quiet ourselves before Him and listen. I feel a new sense of joy and peace in his presence! Facebook may fulfill that desire to communicate with others and feel love and accepted, but unfortunately this feeling is only temporary. With God ALONE we can feel loved and accepted ETERNALLY. HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER.

I challenge you to take time today when you have a free moment to run to God rather than to run to your computer!

"Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."
Jeremiah 33:3
2 Responses
  1. Jeffrey Says:

    You're right - good point. It's not just Facebook either, but e-mail, or cell phones too. I also often forget what's more important.

  2. sharonie Says:

    Love that scripture...great reminder! So simple what we need to do and our reward is so huge!